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Our Services

Fire Restoration

Our team of professionals have extensive experience in dealing with all types of fire damage restoration and our customer service is second to none.


We will work closely with you throughout every stage of the process, from initial assessment through to completion.

Flood Restoration

Standing water can seep into cracks and gaps, making it difficult to dry out naturally and increase the chance of mould and rot.

Therefore, acting impetuously is one of our key elements when dealing with the unfortunate damages of flooding and escapes of water.

Applied Structural Drying

Our specialist team is on hand to minimise secondary damage and help get your home or business back to normal and operating as quickly as possible.

From start to finish, your project will be handled with top quality workmanship and our customer service from estimation to completion will exceed your expectations.

Structural Restoration

Damage to the structure of a building can occur for many reasons, but is often caused by water damage.


Professional expertise is crucial to ensure your property repairs and reinstatement works are completed to the highest standard.

As a Helifix approved installer, we can also offer and provide an insurance backed guarantee for all works carried out. 


Interested in adding extra space, increasing the value of your property, breathing new life into a building, replacing your kitchen and bathroom, or maybe installing a driveway to enhance the entrance to your property?


 Our portfolio demonstrates that we are able to handle projects of all sizes from inception to completion.

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